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Wednesday’s Wildflower…♥…because a flower can’t be forced to open. As nature intended, it must flourish and develop on its own time.

It was a day of fantasy, a day of wonder, a day of awe as the color blue took over the sky. Little Johnny stood up and went outside, the old screen door slamming shut behind him as he left the kitchen. Half of his breakfast was still sitting on the table, growing cold and uneaten. He’d suddenly lost his appetite–in a good way–when the warm summer breeze had flowed in through the window to ruffle his hair.

Out in the yard, next to the red-roofed house, Johnny plopped down to the ground and rolled onto his back. With one slipper on, and one slipper off, he rested there in silence, looking up at the sky. This was his favorite thing to do…to look up at the sky, the clouds, to see what he could see.

First, a bunny rabbit being chased by a bear.

Cotton candy slowly swirling itself into a sugary treat.

A dog busy chasing its tail.

A growing flower, in a flower-pot, with sprinkles from Heaven drifting down to wet its leaves.

A cowboy, on a stallion, herding a flock of cotton ball-looking sheep.

Then, the Big Dipper. Followed, of course, by the Little Dipper. And…

“Oh! Is that a dragon?” Being ridden by Zeus?

Suddenly, he saw a face. She appeared, as she always appeared, right before his eyes. Maybe she appeared because he was looking, and maybe she appeared simply because she could.

“There’s Grandma,” he sighed, a soft smile forming on his lips. Lifting his one bare foot up off of the ground, using his bare big toe to trace the outlines of her face…he started at the hairline, continued on down the cheek, over the point of her chin, then back up again on the other side of her face until he reached her hair on the other side, where he used his toe to “color in” the curls that flattered her face.

Clouds…there were so many pictures in the clouds. It always amazed him, that no matter how many clouds he could see, he could always find her there.

“How’s the weather up there today, Grandma?”

Johnny, the little boy, dropped his foot. He closed his eyes and blocked out everything but the wind and the feel of the fresh air around him. He allowed himself to drift, alone with Grandma up in the sky, his body weightless and feeling not of the earth, feeling himself growing older and older as each moment ticked on. Johnny stayed frozen in that spot for a long time, with nowhere to go, nothing to do, until a vibrant shadow of life and energy finally fell across his resting body.

“Grandpa?” Lily peered over him. “Are you dead?”

“No, Lily,” Grandpa chuckled.

“Are you sleeping, then?”

“Nope, not sleeping either,” Grandpa replied.

“Well, then, what in the world are you doing out here, on your back in the sun? You’ll get a sunburn if you’re not careful!”

The old man sat up and smiled at his granddaughter. “I was just dreaming, Lily. I was having a lovely fantasy that I sometimes like to play out in my head.”

Lily nodded. “But you promised me a walk this morning.”

“That I did,” the old man nodded, “that…I did.”

Grandpa stood up, took his granddaughter’s hand, and together they walked down the road. They laughed as they remembered a joke from the night before, and Lily ran ahead a few times to show Grandpa a new dance she’d just learned in ballet.

“Very nice, Lily.”

They walked and they talked, and they talked and they walked…but the old man never once forgot the clouds still brewing overhead…

…Until next time, Rose. Don’t go anywhere, sweetheart…I’m right here.

Life is a gift that begs to be lived and embraced and enjoyed, even when experienced in a shadow of sorrow. When loved ones pass on, it’s a beautiful thought to believe that they live on, vibrating at a different frequency, behind a thin veil that you and I can’t see through. Enter faith…the belief that they are there, and that when we need them, we’ll be able to find them within the layers of our hearts…

Thank you for “sharing” and “liking” any blog that moves you. Have a special day…♥

Photos on Photo credit: Nebojsa Mladjenovic on / CC BY-NC-ND. Photo credit: contemplative imaging on VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-SA. Photo credit: .ash on / CC BY-NC-ND. Photo credit: Chechi Pe on VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-ND. Photo credit: h.koppdelaney on VisualHunt / CC BY-ND.

Just living is not must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. ~Hans Christian Andersen

I am a mother, a blogger and the author of the memoir Pitter-Pat: A Mother's Journey from Loss to New Life. I am currently in training to be a life coach through Martha Beck's Wayfinder Life Coach Training Program. I write about grief, love, and the beauty of new beginnings. My other interests are meditating, walking outside and doing pretty much anything that brings me closer to nature.

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  1. Bev Donner
    March 7, 2018

    You put it in such an interesting way, special

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