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About the blog

Hello. I’m Amy

And I feel so blessed that you are here! As you read through my posts, you’ll find various stories or coaching articles on how to improve your life, on how to be more present, and on how to navigate change in an ever changing world. But my blog originally started from a place of deep grief. I had stories to tell, things I wanted to share–some happy, some sad–but each thoughtful morsel a small fragment of me. If you find yourself exploring some of the original content you’ll find the stories of grief, and if you are moved to read my words, then you and I…we may just have something in common. Here’s a little background…

Once upon a time, before I fully understood the fragility of life, I dreamed about having a baby. Of course, it would be a girl, I would dress her in all of the latest fashions, and I’d put ringlets in her hair, similar to the ringlets found in mine. I love to cuddle, so naturally, she would be a snuggly baby, and there’s nothing better than laughter, so I would wish for her the gift of an amazing sense of humor. It seemed so easy, so “cut ‘n dried.” I would get pregnant, give birth, love and laugh, then do it all over again. Because, a baby who is happy and snuggly needs company, right?

Well, I did have a baby, but it was a boy–no hiding that sweet fact from the very first ultrasound–and I followed my dreams by dressing him like a prince, by nurturing his blonde beautiful hair, and by cuddling with him and laughing with him for hours. Then, as planned, it was time to do it again.

I was soon given the gift of five more children, but all five of those children died, one in my hands, one on the way out, and three inside of me, the middle three termed “early miscarriages.” Some people might say, and have said, “Well, those babies didn’t count. They never really lived.” But I know that those people are wrong. As Dr. Seuss put it so simply…”A person’s a person, no matter how small.”

Within the posts of this blog, I intend to honor each life that chose me as “Mom.” But most of all, I hope to honor the life of this happy guy…the life of the one who lived…



And to honor my life, for surviving.

And your life…if you, like me, have stories like mine to tell.

Amy Erickson lives on Bainbridge Island, WA, where she fills her days with Life Coaching, reading, writing, meditating, yogacising, mommying and hiking outside in nature as much as she can.