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The form below is to be filled out prior to your free 30 minute consultation with me regarding Life Coaching. Please visit my Contact Page to schedule this meeting if you have not already done so. After I receive your request for an appointment, I will send you an email address where you can copy, paste and answer the questions below.

Enjoy this process. Perhaps make yourself a cup of tea or light a candle and allow yourself to think about the life you want to create, the life you crave to heal. In most cases, this will require an acknowledgment of a life you may be leaving behind. However this comes out for you, let this be a time of quiet self-exploration and unhurried awareness… You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously. ~Sophia Bush

*** About grief… If you have recently experienced loss and/or grief, some of these questions may not pertain to you at this time. Feel free to answer only the questions that feel pertinent to your situation.


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When taking action, which phrase describes you?

  1. I like to get a few tips from an expert and jump right in__
  2. I like to spend hours reading and asking questions before beginning to use tools__
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  4. I like to schedule lessons with an expert or buy a book with an orderly curriculum, learning how to do things in order of difficulty__


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1. If I didn’t care what people thought, I would____________.

2. If I were sure I’d succeed, I would_____________.

3. If I had the freedom, I would________________.

4. If I had enough time, I would________________.


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