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Tag: social isolation

April 20, 2020 /
July 28, 2018 /

The greatest gift you will ever receive is the gift of loving and believing in yourself. Guard this gift with your life. It is the only thing that will ever truly be yours… Tiffany Loren Rowe

April 11, 2018 /

She said she usually cried at least once each day not because she was sad, but because the world was so beautiful and life was so short… Brian Andreas

March 17, 2018 /
March 3, 2018 /
February 10, 2018 /

And the song, from beginning to end, I found again in the heart of a friend… Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

December 8, 2017 /

Ready or not, here I come I’m so tired of this dumb game of hide and seek Olly olly oxen free Show yourself, you’re scaring me Come out, come out where ever you are You’ve taken this thing way too far… Sonya Sones

November 3, 2017 /

Grief has a purpose, we can’t forget that. It’s within us, so that we can remember our sad experiences, come to terms with them, and in an accepting way…move on.