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Awakening Wildflower Life Coaching… with Amy Erickson

I have a hunch that if you’re reading this it’s because you’re looking for something. You may not know what that “something” is, but perhaps it calls to you through a heart that feels empty and closed, a body that aches and complains, a mind that feels confused and lost, or maybe there’s an overall sensation of being imprisoned in a life that’s just not quite right. Tell me where I’m wrong…

Who are you? What do you want? How do you want to feel? What obstacles have blocked your path to the expression of your true self? What are the messages your body has been trying to tell you?

I believe that the answers to these questions are within you. My job as a Life Coach is to help you find them, explore them, nurture them, and if you see fit, to bring those answers to life. By connecting to the wisdom of your heart, body, mind and soul, all that’s required from you is the ability to quietly listen, pay attention, and to allow yourself to merge with who you are, right now.

Just living is not enough…one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. ~Hans Christian Andersen

Life coaching offers an opportunity to be heard deeply, a safe haven to express yourself fully, a process of inquiry to work through your limiting beliefs, and the development of gentle but powerful steps towards making small but sustainable changes in your life. From grief to the other side of the rainbow, I will be there to be your guide, empowering you to make choices that align with your true Essential Self.

My name is Amy Erickson, and I am currently in training to be a Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coach. As part of my training I am excited to announce that I am beginning to take on clients for a reduced fee. Appointments will be done through Zoom or over the phone. Interested? Please fill out the form on my Contact Page to set up a free 30 minute consultation to learn more about coaching, and to see if you and I would be a good fit.

Like wildflowers; You must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would. ~E.V